In 2018, Pixel Mosaic was asked by Nimlock to devise a software/hardware solution for an interactive activity they came up with for Alight for an upcoming trade show. The activity was a mixture of the legacy game from the 80’s, “Simon”, and the more recent game, “Dance, Dance Revolution”. Working with Nimlock’s fabrication department, Pixel Mosaic engineering a system of pressure sensors, arduino electronic kits, and custom software to deliver a tactical + digital combination experience. Furthermore, Pixel Mosaic supplied the client with a secured back end method of adjusting sensor values/threshold, game timings, and other game preferences, so that they could manage the onsite usage without the need of an onsite technician.

In 2019, Pixel Mosaic took the game code for the Alight project, and recycled it for use at their trade show booth at Exhibitor Live 2019. The Simon Game was used as a touch screen experience that integrated into a larger LED display.