It’s all about the pixel.

Pixel Mosaic began its journey in 2005 when JJ Myers founded J2 Creative Media Design. The thought behind the venture was to approach media execution for the live event market from a completely unique perspective. JJ recognized there were companies that specialized in the art of creating content and companies that specialized in the science of creating content. However, there was a substantial lack of ventures that blended art and science in an efficient, results-oriented fashion. The mission behind J2 Creative Media Design was to provide a level of service for the strategy of content creation that took into account art and science starting from inception.

In 2013, J2 Creative Media Design joined forces with Fuse Technical Group in an effort to further this idea of accurately factoring all areas of staging into the media design process, with the goal of further improving the final product for Fortune 500 clients everywhere. For the next 5 years, Fuse flourished as a brand in the live events industry for its overall high A/V IQ and service delivery.

September 2018 marks the next chapter as Fuse Creative, now Pixel Mosaic, becomes independent with the same passion, vision and leadership that initiated its journey in 2005. While this transition is a milestone it is also a beginning. Pixel Mosaic intends to remain a leader and innovator in media execution while also forging new and strong strategic relationships across the industry.

Our Services

  • Art Design and Storyboarding
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Compositing
  • Music & Sound Design
  • Onsite GFX & Playback Support/Operation
  • Media Server Programming & Operation
  • Interactive Development
  • Web & Application Development
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